We wanted to create a sport’s site that is different, and caters to every sport’s fan out there as well as being for anyone that has anything to do with sport in general. And that’s a lot of people.

As a fan you can:

  • – Create your profile.
  • – Select your favourite or most hated teams.
  • – Talk in the forums.
  • – Take part in our trivia quizzes.
  • – Upload videos and pictures.
  • – Participate in tipping.
  • – Join different groups or create your own.

The options you have on Sportcodex.com are endless, so we want to see you as a fan, interacting with other fans on the latest topic or discussing sports opinions. We also have pages dedicated to different Sports Codes and the number of Codes will increase over time.

Another reason we created this website was to help amateur sports clubs, budding sports journalists/photographers and charities receive exposure from fans, players and other organisations. You can start a blog or submit articles. It’s up to you.

For clubs or organisations, simply create a Group page for free and add your group to our Sports Directory. We are now able to set up a Points Table, Results & Rosters for your sports competition. Contact us for more information on this.

Watch it, Write it, Play it, Live it

The Sportcodex.com Team


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