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Titans Add WR Walter; Now What?


With the addition of WR Kevin Walter to the Titans, it really makes me wonder what moves are coming in the near future. Here are a couple of questions I have that will be answered this month.

What will the Titans do in the draft?

It is now looking like the Titans will go ahead and take the best available offensive lineman with their first round pick. I had stated earlier that I thought the Titans might get creative with their pick and possibly take WR Cordarrelle Patterson if he made it to them. Now that Walter has been signed, I do not see this happening. They will most likely take a RB at some point in time in the draft as well.

Does this mean a WR will be cut?

I do not see how a WR does not get cut from this team. I doubt the Titans are ready to give up on Kenny Britt, and they just drafted Kendall Wright last year with their first round pick. The Titans didn’t sign Walter to cut him, so that most likely means that Nate Washington is the odd man out. He is scheduled to make $4.2 million this year which the Titans could use to sign their draft picks. It would be a shame to see him get cut after seeing what he has done for the franchise, but lets face it, we have seen the Titans do this many times to players that have been great to them. It is just part of the business.

Is this Locker’s last chance?

My guess is yes. If we do not see major improvement this year then the Titans will most likely look somewhere else. This will hands down be the best team they have given Locker, and he has weapons around him that can make plays along with a MUCH better offensive line.

Is this CJ’s last year as a Titan?

This will depend on his production this year. Shonn Greene was not added to the roster just to touch the ball twice a game. Coach Munchak said if Shonn is and there and is producing, then he is going to stay in. This will not sit well with CJ. I can definitely see some controversy in the future if Chris Johnson is not getting the ball as much as he wants. The Titans could opt out of CJ’s contract after this year and stick with Greene who would cost less than half of what they were paying Johnson.


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A lot has happened in the NFL this offseason. We have seen multiple eras ended, including Ray Lewis and Ed Reed in Baltimore and Brian Urlacher in Chicago. Today, I will report on who I think has been a winner this offseason.



The Texans haven’t done a whole lot this offseason. What they did do is sign two of the greatest players to ever play their respective positions. First was Safety, Ed Reed, who comes over after 11 seasons in Baltimore to replace Glover Quin, who signed a five year deal with Detroit. Reed signed for three years and $15mil. The other signing was punter Shane Lechler. We all know punters in football have about as much use as a salad bar at Warren Sapps house, but Lechler is an exception to the rule. Lechler is second all-time in average yards per punt and will help the Texans a great deal by pinning opposing teams down in their own 20.



The Seahawks needed to get more weapons for Russell Wilson and they got arguably one of the most explosive players in the NFL in Percy Harvin. Seattle sent a 1st round pick to the Vikings for Harvin and personally, I don’t think there’s anyone in the draft who can help Seattle more than Harvin. The Seahawks also made their pass rush more deadly by signing Michael Bennett from Tampa Bay and Cliff Avril from Detroit.



The Titans haven’t made any moves that will wow anyone but they have made very, very solid signings (with the exception of cutting Hasselbeck and signing Ryan Fitzpatrick). But Andy Levitre was one of the best guards available in FA, Shonn Greene leaves the craziness of the Jets to be a perfect compliment to Chris Johnson’s crazy speed, Delanie Walker will be a cheaper version of Jared Cook and opposing Wide Receivers will fear going deep with George Wilson and Bernard Pollard lining them up.



The Eagles have followed the same plan as the Titans this offseason. No awe-inspiring signings but all decent moves that make sense. The Eagles improved their pass rush by signing Connor Barwin from the Texans. They lost defensive lineman Cullen Jenkins and then promptly replaced him with former 49er Isaac Sopoaga. The Eagles also cut Nnamdi Asomugha, an excellent CB in the right defensive set but not a good fit for the Eagles. The guys they signed to replace Asomugha and Dominique Rogers-Cromartie, while not as good, are still solid replacements; Cary Williams from Baltimore and Bradley Fletcher from St. Louis. Philly also added safeties Kenny Phillips and Patrick Chung and offensive utility player James Casey.



The clear cut winners of the offseason so far, the Broncos made the best signing in Wes Welker. Not only is Welker the perfect compliment to Peyton Manning due to Manning’s love of slot receivers, but the signing also hurts Denver’s AFC rival, New England, and Peyton Manning’s biggest rival, Tom Brady. Everybody wins except the Patriots, which is an extra win in my book. The Broncos also made two very nice under-the-radar signings; getting CB Dominique Rogers-Cromartie and DT Terrance Knighton. Both should help Denver on their quest for being Super Bowl bound.


Check in tomorrow for part two…the losers! And no, I’m not writing a column about Mike Vick…ooh burn!

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